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Phoenix Rising (The Kindred, #1)

Phoenix Rising (The Kindred, #1) - Madison Granger I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed Madison Granger's book. Anyone that enjoys paranormal romance and shifter books will love Phoenix Rising. Actually I'm under playing this . I absolutely loved this book without any thoughts of it could have been different!!! Phoenix Rising is book one of the The Kindred series.
This book is a little different then most shifter romances in my eyes. In a good way of course, I look forward to seeing different in this genre. Our heroine, Tori, is considered curvy which in my mind transferred into an image of a full figured but gorgeous woman. She is also older, she has children and grandchildren, has been divorced and so needs this exciting love in her life in my opinion. So this gives us a different start from the normal young ,thin, single heroines we are used to seeing.
We then have our man candy. Lots of man candy in this book. What good is a paranormal romance book without our leading man candy? Quinn is the Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shapeshifters. The Godess has a Promised Soul destined for him. He has all but given up on finding this so called Promised Soul of his when he meets Tori.
The love story told between Tori and Quinn is one of the greater love stories I have read. You feel the connection between them. There is so much love and respect and all the right elements that a real true love should hold. Of course the world never can let that be ....
We then have the drama that tries to tear them apart, an evil uncle with hidden agendas. This book will keep you locked in reading through twists and turns biting nails finding out what happens next. I was completely hooked you could not tear this book from my hands until I was done reading it. You could try but I may bite lol.
There is so much more to read and see Tori coming into her own. This book gives us a wonderful story on it's own, but also sets up an amazing plarform for the books to come in this series, which I can not wait to get my hands on.
I am giving this book full stars. I could not find a single reason to deduct any points from it. It has everything a good book should have in my opinion. If you are reading this trying to decide if you want to purchase this or borrow it or get it from the library even lol DO IT!! You will not regret it.